In the last few years, I have I become way more interested in photography. Up until then, I had always been a pretty hopeless photographer, but on one particular trip to Europe in 2015, I fell in love with capturing the beauty I saw around me and believed that it was a wonderful way to capture my daily memoirs. I certainly am no expert and have a long way to go, however, I have used my Instagram page to shares my love of things that I find beautiful and any of my journeys shared in pictures. Instagram and photography and my business, in general, has provided me with the opportunity to always keep my eyes open to the beauty that is around me every single day. Instagram @carmendarwin.

Often when we are there in the flesh to see these beautiful places it becomes hard to absorb the detail and the intricate aspects of what you can see. Photos give you the opportunity to reflect back on each image and really study what people and nature have created.

The other incredible thing the photography has given me is the joy of being able to share a beautiful place and experience with others without the need for them actually having to be there to see it themselves. The world is in a sharing frenzy at this point in time and in 90% of cases, it comes from a place where most people want to be generous with what they have discovered and let others in the world know about it. I love seeing what people are getting up to, what they are discovering and how they are sharing that with others. I hope to do the same.

Until next time, Enjoy the snaps.

Carmen x

Riding a Vesper Under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, 2015

View from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

The Gorgeous Facades of the Apartments in Verona, 2015.

The Mighty Colosseum, Rome 2015

Rome 2015

Miltenburg Germany, 2015

Franklin, Tasmania, Australia 2015

Hungary 2015

Coco Chanel Store Front Melbourne CBD, Australai

Royal Arcade, Melbourne, Australia 2016

Paris 2015

San Gimignano, Italy 2016

Duomo in Florence, Italy 2016

Ufizzi Gallery Florence, Italy 2016

Florence Italy 2016

Baboli Gardens Florence, Italy 2016

Agriturismo Villanova, Levanto, Italy 2016

Germany 2015

Germany 2015

Germany 2015

Budapest 2016

Amsterdam 2015

Singapore, 2015