Sisterhood Space 6 month membership


As women, we know that it’s challenging and changing times and with so many of us working from home or simply staying at home and planning our next move then the Sisterhood Space is for you.

This 6-month membership is about bringing us together to make the very best of this time. It’s about being inspired, supported and helping us to find joy and beauty in our life

HOME – Working or staying at home..let’s make the best of it.

Setting up places to work from home, how-to-use tech to keep in touch, mealtime simplicity, design inspo, making spaces beautiful and so much more.

HEAD – Keeping sane in a crisis

Activities and action tasks to keep your head in the right place, focusing on making our next move, productivity tips and so much more.

HEART – Finding joy in everyday




Access a continually growing library of activities, videos and resources to inspire you to add more beauty, passion and adventure to your lives.

  • Self-paced (Do in your own time and depending on your own needs)
  • Private login to your online membership
  • Access anytime from any device
  • Library grows weekly as new tasks, activities or projects are added.