I have strong memories of my mother as a child and teenager growing up in our busy home of seven people. She is highly unconventional in her ways now and certainly was back then. I would see her sprawled out across the highly-waxed living room floor as she meticulously cut dress panels for the dresses we required for many dances, semi-formals, formals, weddings and so-forth that us girls in particular would attend.

When it came to the fabrics I think my mother had the motto “She who dies with the most fabric wins.” She was greatly influenced by my grandmother and her love of high-quality fabrics with a bent for gorgeous colouring and patterning. While most girls my age had the conventional and latest looks, my mother shunned trends and would be quite content using curtain fabrics for said gowns.


I was often, as children are of unconventional activity, horrified at the time, but in awe that she was always brave, she thought outside the box, she was her own person with her own creative ideas and whether she intended to or not, it rubbed off onto all five of her children who can put their hand to anything creative and have a go.

Today, in her 70’s my mother continues to amaze me with her creativity and independence. I will forever be grateful to her, my 93 year old grandmother and my great-grandmother who all truly showed me how to make a house a home and how to live life creatively.