While designing gardens it wasn’t long before long I was helping my clients with their interior design and renovation planning. You see, they would hand me their house plans so that I could design the garden. I would pour over the house plans then say to them “Hey, I hope you don’t mind me telling you this, but the kitchen really should move around like this to take advantage of the views, the garden, and the aspect.” A bit bold in hindsight…but it was coming from a place in my heart where I wanted to help and it seemed a shame to not point out something that I felt was so vital to the success of the way they would live in their home. They loved the ideas and I guess those ideas just kept flowing.

Within a short space of time, I was selecting colours and finishes for client projects, designing kitchens and bathrooms, creating new floor plans for renovations and guiding people through their design projects. Knowing how to best utilize spaces became my strong point, as I have the ability to visualize how space can be used cleverly in a way that most of my clients had overlooked.

To date I am running  my design practice in Brisbane Australia and online which I love so much, however I continue to see a great need to offer a design school as a solution for the everyday woman, who is looking for the tools and the information to create a home that truly reflects who she is, but doesn’t necessarily have the means or the desire to hire an interior designer. The fact that I can help women in this way fuels and encourages me to work hard to deliver the best I can of my ability.