I was born in Brisbane Australia and I came from a highly-creative family who all love homes, gardens and property.  Whilst my mother sewed, cooked and decorated, my father resorted vintage motorcycles and cars. This was as much a part of our daily life as their work and I guess we naturally took on their creative genes.

Making, building, designing and working creatively was encouraged and thinking outside the box a normal way of life. For generations of women in our family, making the absolute best of our homes with the resources we had was what came naturally and I grew up watching and believing that to be the only way.

My grandmother was forever sewing, making beautiful handmade porcelain dolls, whipping up a batch of beer or wandering through the garden snipping off her latest floral growth. It all rubs off doesn’t it and as a child you are so unaware of the impact of your surroundings.

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We presently have five generations alive in our family. My 93-year-old grandmother is an inspiration as she lives with the excitement of wanting to create beautiful things when her time and her body are willing. I feel so fortunate to have this background which gave me a sense of beauty and creativity.

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I feel passionate about taking what I know from these wonderful people who have influenced my life and pass that knowledge onto others who may need a hand to create their own beautiful homes.