These self-paced, short design courses are created with the non-designer in mind. I share all of my insider designer knowledge from years in the design industry to show you how to take a room in your own home and transform it into something special.


As you work through each class at your pace you will discover how fun it will be to start designing your spaces and decorating them to suit your personality.


The step-by-step classes allow you to take things at your own pace. Because it’s an online course you can access it any time from any computer or tablet. Lessons don’t go into boring theory lesson, we cut to the chase and make the learning easy.


Designed to help women of all abilities. This is not for the aspiring designer but rather the everyday woman who needs a hand with getting her home looking and feeling like she wants them to.This knowledge will be transferable to many projects and will build the foundation for any future projects.

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“When you begin to create beautiful rooms that you absolutely love and are proud of,

            it will be a great moment for all of us.”