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Building, Painting, Electrical, Plant Basket Installation, Fresh Greenery Install


The bar area lacked styling and vibrancy and I knew it needed some life injected into it.


 Shelving was repainted in a brass tone, alcohol restyled, hanging plants and fairy lights installed.

The gaming room lacked privacy and separation from the main bar and entertainment zone.

A new wall with planter boxes was designed and constructed enhancing traffic flow and aesthetics.

 An ATM was required in the gaming area zone and with new privacy wall, access was needed to the WC.

New wall with ATM behind to service the gaming room and new access to the WC. Bright wallpaper installed to work with the carpet.

The restaurant service counter had shelving behind which lacked interest and colour.

I created a display of alcohol available on the menu, added greenery and new lighting to light the corner space and highlight the shelving.

The existing wall colour was dark and did not enhance the space. 

The walls were repainted white to lift the space and blend with the new gaming room walls. 

The restaurant seating area did not feel warm and intimate and greenery was needed to soften the large amount of timber and neutral tones.

Using artificial greenery and large hanging baskets we transformed the ceiling space, subsequently drawing more customers to the zone.

The restaurant bar was not being utilised and was dark and flat. It needed an injection of light and colour to bring it to life and draw patrons to the space.

The introduction of greenery and the styling of the shelving made a world of difference. With the additional lighting the space feels vibrant again.

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