As you know I am a huge fan of travelling when time and funds allow, and last week I had the pleasure of heading to Queenstown in New Zealand. On my stroll through the city, I took on the challenge to find a couple of noteworthy homewares stores to share with you, my blog buddies. There was so much class in these lovely stores that they made my top 2 list. Here is a glimpse into these homewares stores in Queenstown.


… My Handpicked Favourites

Smith and Western Store – Homewares Store, Queenstown, New Zealand

Hides & Handmade
This store stocked the most beautiful array of hand-selected New Zealand made and imported homewares and gifts with a real edge and difference, including a range of handmade ceramics, lamps, hides and rugs, bed throws, exotic plants and objects. Beautifully displayed alongside the 100% New Zealand made clothing it was a unique shopping experience.


The inside of the Smith and Western Store in Queenstown


Cushions cover’s made of soft, natural skins


A few of their quirky bits and bobs

I especially fell in love with the reindeer hides, imported from Finland and in colours and textures that would be the most special and tactile addition to any home. Now before you get all upset about the hides just remember this….You have a choice and if this is not your thing and you don’t like the idea of skins in your home then all well and good. Just sayin….I like them.


Smith and Western have these stunning reindeer hides from Finland.


Sitting alongside the lambskins which are famous in this part of the world, I loved all the natural elements that combined to make a homewares store that felt comfortable and cosy with their intention to be personal, friendly and relaxed and I really believe that they have achieved that.
Other notable home wares options were the delightful Moroccan pouffes, ceramic and copper planters, colourful glassware and really beautiful throws and linens.


Leather Moroccan pouffes for resting those little toes on a frosty Winter’s night.



Smith and Western had a great selection of earthy-toned linens which would suit almost any home.

Smith and Western pride themselves on “providing ambient pieces that celebrate the diversity of global design. The influence of international design, photography, art, and textiles are all key in the overall concept of the stores.”

Decode – Homewares Store, Queenstown, New Zealand

Bringing Beauty to the World
Decode in Queenstown was one of those stores where you could spend hours enjoying all the unique home wares and stunning clothing all carefully chosen to represent their brand.

The Decode Store in Queenstown. A stunning mix of homewares on display.

The Decode Store in Queenstown. A stunning mix of homewares on display.

In the words of Decode, “We are grassroots, women! We love our work, our designers and our clients.” That struck a chord with me and you could see this motto coming through loud and clear with each and every item selected for that store. You could sense that there was a lot of passion in that store, where they were bringing in a whole range of items which they source from a wide variety of artisans and designers. I was truly impressed and I must say that I saw so many unique and interesting items that I have not seen in my many years as an interior designer.

I liked their eclectic mix of items all worked together to look so perfectly beautiful and so different from the mainstream items that you see over and over in magazines and social media channels such as Pinterest and Instagram. I was in my happy place in that store.


Gorgeous handmade ceramics. I just loved these because of the blue glazes  use and how fine and lightweight they were.


Soft luxurious lamb skins and handmade cushions


Woven leather rugs with a mix of earthy naturals and metalic leathers.

If you are interesting in finding natural, earthy, funky homewares, soft furnishings, ceramics and lighting then this is your store. To make it even better, a vast majority of items are sourced from artisans and designers in New Zealand and as we all know, supporting our creative people is becoming increasingly more important as they get squeezed out due to pricing wars.

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Until next time,

Love your home and those within it,

Carmen x