Rachael Todd
Nashville, USA
Women’s Health & Wellbeing Consultant

Tell us a bit about the business that you are creating?
I help women rediscover mindfulness, self­love and true health. I utilize tools from mindfulness, yoga, positive psychology, and integrative nutrition to help incredible women optimize their well being, re­story their lives, and increase their happiness.

What are your three core values in your working life right now?
Consistent, Gratitude, Growth.

What’s the hardest part of running a business from home?
Distractions. Organization. Focus.

What’s the most rewarding part of running a business from home?
Time freedom. Yoga pants. Health.

What fears did you have about starting your business?
Will I be good enough to help someone? Will I be able to make a difference? Will they feel like my time and expertise is worth their money?

Rachael Todd

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running your home­ based business?
Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, i.e. website, blog, social media, knowledge base. Lead with why and people will come find me because they’re drawn to my passion.
How do you find the right balance between being a partner, wife or mother and running your business?
Airplane mode on the phone. Strategically leaving days completely open for self­care and rest.

On a scale of 1­-10 how much does your business light you up?

What do you wish you had in your business that you are still seeking?
Online presence. A website that works for me.

In moments of doubt, how do you overcome it and lift yourself back up?
Self­care. A long walk. Read testimonials from my clients. Call my mom. 🙂

Who is your support crew if you have one?
My mom, my aunts, my cousin Jody, my Miss Florida family, my best girlfriends.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve been given?
Be authentic. No one can deny authenticity.

Rachael Todd

What’s a brief summary of the pathway it took to get to where you are now?
College student, a young girl with no real idea of what to do after my family fell apart, Miss Florida 2009, yoga teacher training, Positive Psychology training, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, started working with women as individual clients January 2015, working on a book.

How important is grit, determination and persistence to you in growing your business?
That is the essence of growth. To buckle down in the good times and bad. To learn from the pain and struggle. To utilize resiliency to keep moving forward. To keep redefining my goals so that my determination doesn’t falter. To consistently work and to not let up on persistence.

Which of your personal traits are you most proud of?
My resiliency that I’ve watched grow since I was a teenager.

What’s the hardest thing about being your own boss?
Discipline to do the things I want to do least (that I hope I can soon hire someone else to do for me)

What sacrifices have you made starting a business?
Friends who work a 9-­5. Not married yet. No kids yet. I do want those things, but I think I’m intimidating.

Rachael Todd

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Reading women’s posts on social media about their struggles. Listening to conversations between women and hearing the similarities in their complaints about their lack of time for themselves, their weight, their health, their relationships, etc.

Who’s a woman you deeply admire?
I admire my mom so very much.

What do you still want to achieve on a personal level?
Finishing a book. A national speaking tour.

Name one thing you can’t live without each day.
Moving my body. Yoga. Barre. A long walk. Stretching.

 Find out more about Rachael Todd and her services at www.rachaeltodd.com