Have you ever dreamed of

running a retreat?

Want to be a retreat leader on my Italy or Bali Tours?

Oh yes please!

Have you ever dreamed of…


Bringing an amazing group of women together to share your knowledge and expertise with them?


Creating a retreat experience where you get to share what you know and impact the lives other women.


Being invited as guest retreat leader in Italy or Bali and delivering an amazing experience in beautiful places?



You don’t want the hassle of organising all of the logistics and piecing together the details. 


You don’t have the time or energy to find the right location and accommodation.


You don’t want the headaches that come with the planning the meals, session times, activities.

Imagine if…


You could be a retreat leader on my Italy or Bali tours to share your expertise with those amazing women who would really value it.


You were part of a retreat partnership working as a team to deliver an amazing retreat experience.


You could co-create something fabulous that you were both proud of.

Hi I’m Carmen…

I’ve been running wonderful tours to Italy and Bali with amazing women over the past four years.

Many women in business told me that they too yearned to run retreats as well.

And then I realised that there was an opportunity to create a great partnership with women who had the desire to run a retreat but were overwhelmed with the planning associated with creating the perfect experience.

Are you a…

Business Coach?

Life Coach?

Wellness Coach?

Personal Branding Coach?

Personal Stylist?

Florist or Artist?

Home Designer or Stylist?

Personal Brand Photographer?

Offer Your Expertise

on my tours

Let’s Make This a Magical Experience

  • Got an area of expertise you can offer on my tours?
  • Already got a great audience who you could reach out to with the offer?
  • Have an influence in a particular area?

Want to partner with me to create a dream tour experience for women?

Be my Special Guest Expert

On Tour

Here are Your Perks

  • Free luxury, bespoke accommodation.
  • All food and wine included as part of tour. 
  • All daily activities and adventures.
  • Your name and business are part of the marketing campaign.
  • Gain more followers.
  • Spread your expert knowledge to those who want to hear it.

Your Obligations

You need to be a co-creator and collaborator on the tour and you need to show up with an audience and be willing to promote and help with the sale of the tours. Flights, travel insurance and transfers are at your own cost.

Your Contribution

and Commitment

 In exchange for the opportunity it is expected that you are able to do the following:

Daily Sessions on Tour

  • One session per day approximately 2 hours (this will be fine tuned once discussions are in place)
  • Ensure that your planning, content and materials are ready for the tour.
  • Your content is delivered to a high standard.
  • You run your sessions in accordance with the outlined schedule of the tour.

Tour Marketing & Promotion

  • Assist in the promotion and sale of the tour by reaching out to your audience regularly.
  • Use social media, email and word of mouth to promote the tour between now and tour dates.
  • Help secure sales of tour spots.
  • Regular emails and posts to your audience.

On Tour Support

  • At the end of the day we are a team and I will take care of the majority of the logistics and planning but you need to be a team player who would help out and provide support if required. 
  • Be flexible to slight schedule changes should the situation arise.
  • You have to be totally present on the tour and be a co-collaborator in the planning, preparation and delivery.


Experts I am  

Searching for

Let’s Create a Beautiful Collaboration

    • Business Coach.
    • Life Coach.
    • Wellness Coach.
    • Personal Stylists
    • Personal Brand Photographers.
    • Personal Branding Coaches
    • Home Designers or Stylists.
    • Food & Entertaining Experts.
    • Florists or Artists.

    If this sounds like you then I’d love to hear from you. Please apply!

    Who this is for…


    I’m in this to  be a contributor.


    I want to work in collaboration not competition.


    I want to help elevate the experiences of the women on the retreat.


    I like delivering high-value experiences to others.

    Who this is not for…


    I’m just looking for a holiday and don’t want to contribute.


    I don’t have an audience who would love to do these tours.


    I’m just thinking about what’s in it for me.

    Your advantages…


    Deliver your retreat experience without the logistics of organising it.


    Enjoy a partnership where you are supported and assisted in creating your retreat experience.


    Finally do the retreat you’ve dreamed of.


    Grow your audience and sphere of influence.

    What else?


    Enjoy the full tour experience including Carmen’s sessions and all activities.


    You get to stay in beautiful accommodation and enjoy the company of the amazing women.


    You get to eat amazing food and have time to celebrate your business and your life.

    Download the Application

    Send us your application.

    Frequently asked questions

    Where do you live?

    Brisbane, Queensland Australia

    How do I contact you?

    Email me at hello@carmendarwin.com

    Message me on Facebook Messenger 

    Who would be a good match for you?

    I want to work in harmony with other women in a spirit of collaboration, not competition. The applicant would have to be generous in their time and energy and want an amazing outcome for the women on tour.

    What kind of person are you after?

    Somebody who is passionate about their topic and wanting to share their ideas, talents and expertise. 

    How can you make this easy for me?

    It made so easy for you because if you want to run a retreat but don’t want the headache of organising the logistics. You spend time with me co-collaborating the content and experience that you will deliver and how we can do that together.

    Will you provide resources to help me market the tour to my audience?

    Yes I will provide any resources you need to help market the tour. Just let us know what you need.

    I’m not sure if we will be the right fit.

    I know it’s hard to say. Please send in your application and then we can chat via an online Zoom meeting to discuss it further.

    What can I expect from you?

    If you are chosen for the collaboration you you will get:

    1. Detailed outline of dates, times you need to present,  list of materials you may need to bring.

    2. All food, accommodation and activities.

    3. The full tour experience as per the other ladies except during your presentation time.

    Will I be paid?

    No you will not be paid for the collaboration. 

    What expenses will I need to pay?

    Flights, transfers, insurance,  any food and accomodation before or after the tour dates, alcohol.