After my first milestone of setting up my design school, I then started to go deep within, as I suppose many women do when they get to my age, and I started thinking about all of the things I love about life and how to combine them to create a business and a life that I love. I was so delighted to set up online courses to help women,  but I knew I wanted to spend more time with women as well, in the flesh. I adore chatting to groups of women, I love design, I thrive on creativity, I’m passionate about travelling, having fun and eating great food. I imagined doing all of this in an authentic, colourful atmosphere somewhere special in the world.

I began thinking about all of the magical places in the world, full of vibrant design ideas, creativity and extraordinary beauty and I believed that a group of women would love the opportunity to experience that together, with someone taking care of the details. I have grown up in a family with a strong sense of wanderlust so this felt kind of exciting…you know because it’s in my DNA.

I believe that life is about discovery, experiences and learning, so being able to learn about design in the context of an amazing building or store or street somewhere new and fresh and exciting, was a way to open women’s eyes to the potential to create unique and interesting spaces for her own home.  In my heart, I also know that as busy women we need to stop, refresh and renew and I wanted to create meaningful experiences which were about the pleasure of life and slowing down and to share both the amazing and simple things with like-minded, vibrant women.

Travel Fuelled Life

PS this is not me….YET- Image found on Pinterest

So when the idea first dawned on me I felt a massive flutter of passion and excitement and I asked myself, “Who are you to do this Carmen?” Then I asked myself “Who am I not to?” I told myself that I have but one life and I intend to spend the rest of it doing what excites and thrills me”. I had to have a good, hard talk to myself and tell myself to just let go of any fear and just do it. There is a time when I thought about all of the reasons why I couldn’t make it work and all the roadblocks that could block making it happen and I made the pact with myself that very day that I would figure out each and every obstacle that came my way one… at… a… time. When I looked at the big picture it seemed overwhelming so I just broke it down until it seemed attainable. I turned it around and began asking myself, “What if I do make it happen. What will that look like?” That fuelled the fire.

Image by Carmen Darwin 2015

The magic of travel…I’m always inspired by what humans manage to create. Image by Carmen Darwin 2015

Now, of course, I’m in the flow with the growing interest in my Design and Lifestyle Tours. There is so much joy coming from witnessing the excitement that is building within the women who are sharing this milestone with me. I suppose there is no turning back now…this has me up at dawn, planning feverishly and working with a passion that only finding your sweet spot brings.

Spiral stairs in Italy

So much beauty so little time… Keep searching despite the roadblocks. Image via Pinterest.

On a side note, each night I love receiving in my inbox my Notes from the Universe from TUT – Mike Dooley. It always puts the happiest smile on my face each night. Here’s one that I love and I must say it arrived just at the time of my quest to take these Design Tours.

“ I’ll never compromise on my dreams. I will do what I must. The fears, the beasts and mountains before me are part of the plan; the stepping stones to a promised land; to a time and place that is much closer than I suspect. Don’t let my eyes deceive me, for even as I say these words my ship quickly approaches. “Mike Dooley

I hope that you can relate. Go find what is in your heart.

Of course, I would love you to leave your comments below.  Tell me what you are working on that you are excited about. I would love to hear.

Until next time,love your home and those within it,

Carmen x

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