Steps to Creating Your Own Art

When it comes to making our own art we often feel we are not confident or talented enough to produce a piece of art. Because we are not artists, we don’t feel we can create something of our own for our home. Is it that we are afraid people will laugh at it, or we’d be embarrassed by it ourselves?  As children, we produced gorgeous art, straight from the heart and soul, without ever stopping to think that we were not good enough….not until someone, somewhere made a comment that made you think that maybe you weren’t talented.

This brings me to the point that OUR HOMES should be AN EXPRESSION OF THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE!  To make a home special, interesting and inviting, we need to show people who we are and reflect our personality. When we exude that warmth,  the magic of a home starts to happen.

I have been researching for a place to stay in Paris when I visit in April and what I noticed about the apartments that I looked at, were how exciting and personal the art was. I find here in Australia we can all fall into the “generic art trap” choosing to buy something standard rather than creating our own. Here’s the kind of things I saw and yes I was excited. Nothing speaks huge amounts of money but they did speak personality by the bucket loads and gave me an insight into the people who lived there.

Today I thought I would show you some ideas on how to produce your own art. Yup, it’s time you got out there people and started to show us who you really are.

1. Gain inspiration from the art of others.

I produced this piece of art after finding something online that I fell in love with. I took the idea and set about creating something with a similar look. It’s not stealing when you are doing it for your own home instead of trying to sell it. I call it borrowing their idea! I have put my families names into the work to personalise it further.

Start by collecting pictures you love. Take the colour ideas and design and create your own version of it. Here I have used a blank canvas from the $2 shop and acrylic paint.


Here is another art work that I created by taking inspiration from an artists work that I admired.

2. Collect and frame pictures that inspire you.

Collect pictures you love from magazines and catalogues. The trick is to minimise the frame overwhelm by sticking to one or two colours. Here white and oak frames are used.

Artwork Paris 1

3. Create your own little gallery of inspiration

In my home office, I have begun collecting pictures and photos of things that inspire me and have begun attaching them to my walls. Because the wall is brick I don’t want to necessarily put up framed art. It’s my little place to have some fun and I can keep it current with things I’m working on. You could do the same too.

carm office shot

4. Create something totally unique to suit your decor.

Look around at your rugs, your cushions and your general decor. Can you use those items to create something of your own to match the colours, look and feel? It’s the colours that matter here and you need to pick out those colours so the art blends with the surroundings. If you are not confident in painting something precise, you can go for something abstract like shown below.

Create your own art


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So now it’s your turn. Why not get started on something of your own. As usual, I would love to hear your comments below.

Happy creating!

Love Carmen xx