Style & Organisation For Women Who Work from Home





Organise Your Home Office Workspace

In Part One of this series, we getting into clearing and cleansing and to start organising your home office workspace. Complete the checklist and start making your home office a great place to work and grow your success.

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A Kitchen Table’s Not An Office

Why Your Kitchen Table is Not Your Home Office Workspace. Are you running a business from your kitchen table? Feel more professional, happy and in control by claiming your own workspace within your home.

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Workspace Wall Decoration Ideas

Blank walls need not overwelm you when it comes to choosing the right way to dress them. In this article we look at five simple wall decor ideas that you can easily achieve yourself without breaking the bank.

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How to Clear Workspace Clutter

Workspace Declutter - How to create office organisation. Do you find yourself spending hours trying to find paperwork, letters and stationary? Well, you are not alone and you have come to the right place. We all want to make our lives easier, save time and reduce...

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Low Maintenance Plants for Your Workspace

Sitting in an office all day can make us miss being outside, so why not bring the outdoors into your office by adding some plants to your workspace? Adding plants to your workspace not only enhances beauty but it also has a number of health benefits and helps to keep...

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4 Scents for Enhancing Office Mood

4 Scents for Enhancing Office Mood When we go to the shops we are overwhelmed with thousands of different fragrances to choose from, so how do we know which one to choose? Just like the colours, furniture and décor in a space, fragrances help to create a particular...

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Workspace Tech Organisation

Tech Organisation Ideas Printer Storage - in a drawer! Ever thought about tucking your printer away in a drawer or cupboard with a shelf that pulls out. I have recently designed a workspace where we did just that and it works a treat. For starters a printer takes up...

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Create a Modern Office at Your Home

The Modern Office Design When we talk about modern design in our office space or workspace, the images that come up are wide and varied. But from experience, the woman who likes a modern design can often possess certain traits.  When we choose the right style for our...

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7 Home Office Style Ideas

Here are some perfect office style ideas to decorate your workspace at home. Look, I know most women feel a little ashamed of their home office or workspace. Is yours in the corner of an unused part of the house or squeezed in a spare bedroom next to the double bed...

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Styling Your Entertaining Area Outdoor

When you work from home you need a place outdoors to escape your workspace and get some fresh air and inspiration. I love to entertain outdoors because here in sunny Queensland, Australia we have great weather for doing just that. You may love entertaining too. No...

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Creating a Coastal Look on Living Rooms

When it comes to creating a coastal-style for your living rooms there are a few factors that you should bear in mind in order to create the perfect coastal look. When you think coastal style, you think of words like serene, calming, peaceful and relaxing and both the...

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Metallic Decor to Style Your Home

USING METALLIC DECOR IN YOUR HOME Using metallics in your home are right on trend and is a really easy way to add some edgy elegance to your interiors. When interior styling ...(your expertise here!) You can find plenty of stores that stock metallic homewares in my...

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Welcoming Front Door Colours

THE IMPORTANCE OF A WELCOMING FRONT DOOR What does your front door say about you? Sometimes you pass a home and just want to head right in and say hello like you already know someone. Other times a home can look prickly and uninviting. The key to having a great front...

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Decorate in the Classic Style

I must say that I do have a soft spot for classic decoration and design. Needless to say that I am drawn to it and I find it a peaceful style to live with if not too formally executed. If you too have a bit of a love affair you may find this useful. Use this...

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How to Decorate With Neutral Colours

THE BASICS OF NEUTRALS When you are furnishing your home many of our homes start with neutral colours as the wall colour and we can build our furnishings and our decorative theme from that base. Neutral colour palette Cream Brown Grey White Taupe Advantages of using...

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Design Your Own Workspaces