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Printer Storage – in a drawer!

Ever thought about tucking your printer away in a drawer or cupboard with a shelf that pulls out. I have recently designed a workspace where we did just that and it works a treat. For starters a printer takes up valuable desk space and secondly, printers are just plain ugly. We need women to get behind designing a beautiful printer don’t you think? If you are building cabinetry into your workspace then consider this idea for your setup.

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Travelling with Tech Cords

Don’t you just love how there are so many beautiful ways to do tech storage now? I just love these leather rolls that I scouted out on Pinterest…I am obsessed with Pinterest as you know! When I travel I like to have small zipped purses for my tech cords but now I have seen these I am a goner.

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Tech Storage

Here’s a quick and easy way to manage all of those cords and recharging storage issues. This simple drawer set up is such an easy way to handle to clutter issue while you are recharging your devices. Simply Bluetack or glue your power pack to the back of the drawer and connect to the power in behind the cabinetry. The power really needs to be installed when you are building in the cabinetry but you may be lucky enough to have access to one if your cabinets are already.

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Tech Cord Organisation

I have been a huge fan of using a sticky label on cords for many years and with five of us in our household, phone and computer every charger and cord has a name on it. I love this idea below too because it makes so much sense and takes the stress out of knowing what cord is for what. Simple, quick but an ultimate time saver down for times when you need it.

Tech Organisation Ideas - carmendarwin.comImage Credit: apartmenttherapy.com via Pinterest

Internet Router Storage

Well, aren’t some people clever? I just hate the look of the router in my home workspace and have never really known what the best solution is. Here is the simplest and cheapest solution any gal could ever want. Grab an old book or pick up one at your local second-hand shop and simply rip the book from the inside. I know if you love books like me then this will be tough for you, but if you want you can still read the book….right?

Tech Organisation Ideas - carmendarwin.comImage Credit: apartmenttherapy.com via Pinterest


Tech Cord Storage

This is a great idea for storing all of the cords and chargers in your house. Personally, I use a basket with divisions but this idea of using a very inexpensive IKEA box is a quick and simple solution. Super compact, portable and very doable for anyone to create this.

Tech Organisation Ideas - carmendarwin.comImage Credit: iheartorganising.com via Pinterest

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