Dolls House pic

I have taken my mind back to my childhood to see why I continue to pursue this design lust of mine. Why have I continued to seek out design and why it is that I have not been content to create a career out of any other avenue? So I reminisce back to being a small child where we had a very simple dolls house just like this with the open rooms and multiple levels. It was my mother who would provide all of the carpet sample pieces, wallpaper off-cuts, fabrics and magazines. My sisters and I would spend hours transforming the spaces into new rooms with a fresh new look. We would sew cushions, create new bed spreads, hang art on the walls and rearrange the furniture so that it was just how we wanted it.

I suppose we take for granted all of those wonderful childhood memories until we realise the huge impact that they have on us as we grow and develop a better sense of self and what drives our desires and interest.

Hearing about how creative people have come to be doing what they do in their life gives me great pleasure. The more I work along side them, the more I love how they are fueled by a genuine love for doing something beautiful and meaningful.