The Modern Office Design

When we talk about modern design in our office space or workspace, the images that come up are wide and varied. But from experience, the woman who likes a modern design can often possess certain traits. 

When we choose the right style for our spaces, I always like to think of them in terms of our personality and the type of attributes we possess. I came up with a list of words that I feel describe the woman who likes a modern style. If you are not sure if you are a modernist style or another type of style then you can take my free quiz here to find out. You’ll then get a whole guide for the modernist style that you can use as a great resource.

Words to describe this style

  • perfectionist
  • tidy
  • efficient
  • bold
  • artistic
  • simplistic
  • on trend
  • no fuss
  • energetic
  • tasteful
  • creative
  • interesting
  • determined
  • organised

The types of materials that suit for furniture would be:

  • smooth, clean simple lines
  • furniture in a variety of materials, timber, metals, felts, plastics
  • stainless steel, powder-coated, high gloss
  • use of a lot of white, black, charcoal as main furniture colours
  • straight legs on chairs, desks, tables
  • interesting lights- minimalistic

Types of accessories to suit the modern office would be:

  • stainless steel and ceramic accent pieces
  • wooden, metal baskets, trays and bowls
  • natural jute, felt or woollen rugs
  • geometric patterns on rugs and cushions
  • timber or metal lamp bases
  • a lot of glass
  • abstract art or black and white photography
  • sculptural pieces

modern officePhoto Credit: Honestly WTF via Pinterest

This first image is all about personality and showing a bit of life in your workspace. I love that it all doesn’t match and there is a mix of bright colours. This look is really easy to achieve with your own workspace. It consists of a simple desk and chair and the art could be pieces you already have at home or you could source them on e-bay or at a second-hand store. You could achieve this look within a week if you put your mind to it.

modern officePhoto Credit: casatv.ca via Pinterest

Now, this style is for those who like to play it safe. You can never go wrong with a black and white office. It is so easy to source everything you need and you know it will work if you like to play it safe. See how there is a little hint of grey as well. I think personally a third colour is ideal and I would say a soft pink, soft grey or pale blue would look super. Also brass or copper look magic too.

modern officePhoto Credit: theeverygirl.com via Pinterest

By adding the brass to this black and white it makes it more feminine and really warms up the space. Also, the use of fur makes it cosy and inviting. Seriously, those little touches make the world of difference so don’t forget them. Also look at the mismatch of pictures on the wall. Don’t be scared to experiment with different sized frames and art styles as long as the colours all work with your furniture and wall colour.

modern officePhoto Credit: bloglovin.com via Pinterest

Once again the simple black and white are nice. I think this has a bit of a masculine feel and that suits certain modernist types who are no fuss kinda gals. The hide is a nice touch and adds that bit of extra character.

modern office

Photo Credit: colincowieweddings.com via Pinterest

This one is for the girly-girl type who loves a bit of fun and whimsy in her life. The soft pastels show a happy, lively personality. When you are creating your home office/ workspace you really want to show people who you are, so don’t go hiding out and being boring. Life is too short for that and working from home should be fun and joyous.

So whether it’s a modern workspace or another kind of style you are going for, I want you to go all out and make something individual and interesting and remember that you want it to light you up each time you walk in there. In needs to serve your soul not just be practical and functional. Remember to take the quiz if you don’t know your design style.

I’d love to hear what your workspace is like and even some pics if you’re proud enough. You can join my private Facebook Group the Home Design Sisterhood if you want to share in more workspace design fun.

Until next time,

Love your home and those within it!

Carmen x