Well as you know a while back (actually years ago) I started up my design school to teach women about how to design and style for their own homes, but to be honest, it’s been extraordinarily tough getting it off the ground. I never thought that creating online courses and classes could be so bloody hard. Sorry to swear so profanely but seriously the technology aspect in the past has just about done me in and left me quite weary and over it. As I have done it all myself and built the tech from the ground up, the learning curve has been steeper than Everest. That’s been a crying shame because at times I have seriously lost faith and wanted to curl up in a foetal position and rock myself to sleep on more than one occasion.

Despite many dummy spits and tech headaches, I have pushed on because my drive and determination to teach others what I know has always been so strong. I don’t know how to explain it best but it’s been more than just an idea, it’s something inside me that I just HAVE TO DO. I have always had the teacher in me since my teaching days and helping others with what I have learnt over many decades is something that excites me and I feel I just need to do.

Anyway, there is good news. I have finally started moving my courses over to another platform where much of the tech, payment processing and checkout is taken care of and phew it feels great. I wish I had done it sooner but what I have learnt in the process is invaluable and knowledge is power right? So I’m in the process of doing this at the moment it is all coming together and soon all of my current courses and masterclasses will be in my new online school and out into the big wide world for all those who need it.

I have a Workspace Rapid Room Rescue Program helping you to create the perfect home workspace. I also have a Living Room Shakeup and Style Program being fine tuned as we speak and then a series of quick masterclasses for kitchen and bathroom renovations coming your way. Pheww!! Now that I am in the flow there is no stopping me. Next time you hear from me I hope to share what this all looks like with you.

Oh and I have been designing a great renovation for a super client at The Gap and that’s shaping up to be super exciting for all of us involved. The best part of my job is when every client I see always says how excited they are and that leaves me feeling pretty darn fulfilled. If you are having thoughts on a renovation or need some design help then please get in touch as I have a special deal before I zip off to Italy.

So I am gearing up to head to Italy soon where I’ll be running my 2017 Design and Lifestyle Tours. I am away for a whole month and while of course, I love my family, I am looking forward to a time away for a dose of self-discovery, nurturing and filling my soul with new friendships and experiences. Running a business from home can often deplete you mentally and emotionally (well at least I have found that) and taking time away in a new environment seems essential to my health and wellbeing. I am an explorer by nature and I need exploration as much as the air I breathe and when I go long periods of time without it I become a little stir crazy. So off to Italy for a women’s only adventure I go.  If you are still on the fence it is not too late to say “Take me with you Carmen”. I’d love you there.

Until next time,