Time to Do Something Special for You?

And maybe find yourself along the way…

Thinking of  Taking a Trip?

Are you ready for that well deserved “me time” where you get to follow your dreams?

Have you always dreamed of visiting beautiful places, eating amazing food, indulging in a little wine, seeing the sites without having to be part of a huge tour group, visiting places that only locals know about, doing a little shopping for gorgeous new wardrobe additions and maybe some artisan homewares to take home as a souvenir?

Have you wished you could be doing it with your best girlfriends, just hanging out and having fun, feeling free, sharing memories and laughs along the way?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the planning to pull off the trip of a lifetime? All of the research, coordination and hoping and praying that you can get it all right in a foreign country?


I’ll help you have the trip of a lifetime and make your dreams come true.

You’ll enjoy the most beautiful places, where you can try amazing food and wine, you can enjoy a spot of shopping and you will see all the sites (even the secret ones) in a small intimate tour group. Everything is curated to make your journey exceptional.

You can come with a friend or arrive solo, no matter what you will spend your time with wonderful women and come home with new lifelong friends.

Absolutely everything is planned for you (right down to the packing list). All you have to do is show up ready for fun and adventure.


Experiencing Beauty in YourLife

Umbria, Italy


Country Villa Lifestyle

Live the Dream Italian Experience

7 Incredible Days

Tuscany, Umbria, Italy



Luxury Food & Wine Experience

Food, wine and play in a beautiful historic Tuscany. Women’s tour.

Why I do what I do

“Leaving a family behind to go and travel is not easy for any mother. However, my husband, my teenage son and daughter are proud of me for going and doing something for myself. I didn’t expect that.”

Sarah Byrne

“The best memories I have are of the friendship shared. The laughing, amazing dinners, delicious wine the friendships enriched, renewed and discovered, the caring of others, and the caring we had to do for ourselves.”

Michelle Smith

“It was just a group of girls having a great time together and sharing a lot of laughter and making memories. I have made friends for life and can’t wait to do it again with you.”

Carmen Mearns

Your adventure awaits….