Create a Professional Looking Set Up in No Time

Welcome: Here’s What to Expect Let’s get going so that you can start creating your videos in style.

What’s your biggest challenge with your backdrop?

Leave your comments below.

Day 1: Quick Win 1  THE WONDER WALL

Create your simple video wall at home.

What wall could you use in your home?

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Day 2: Quick Win 2  3 STEPS TO PROFESH

Create a more professional video brand in 3 steps.

What’s your biggest takeaway from this video?

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 Day 3: Quick Win 3  TAKE IT OUTSIDE 

Create your video outdoors without stress.

Where could you film that’s close to home?

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Day 4: Quick Win 4 ON THE GO GIRL

Create a portable backdrop.

Have you got a great portable backdrop? Where did you get it?

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Day 5: Quick Win 5  LIGHT ME UP BABY

Create your quick lighting solution.

What lighting solution have you come up with?

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