What is it with our homes? What makes us love them so much and spend our time and hard earned money improving them. Lately I have pondered this question so many times, because basically when I talk to my clients or most people I know for that matter, they want to make improvements for the better.


I began thinking about the stories we tell ourselves about our homes. Why do we strive for improvement, enhancing our spaces for what we perceive to be a better lifestyle?

We are have our story

  • I want to look at beautiful things, because I don’t feel happy without nice things around me.
  • I need a space that functions on an everyday level so I feel in control.
  • When I walk into my home at the end of a day I want to be reminded that I have  us that we have achieved something significant.
  • I’m not trying to compete with anyone, but I want a home that looks as nice as our friend’s homes.I guess I want to feel proud of my space.

Photo courtesy of laurelberninteriors.com via Pinterest real story

Photo courtesy of laurelberninteriors.com via Pinterest


I believe that it’s rather instinctive to want a lovely space. I understand it because I have come from a long line of house proud women.

Here’s Today’s How to….

1. Decorate for yourself , not to impress?

2. Don’t copy others, express your own story.

3. Showcase who you are, your experience, where you’ve been.

4.  Fill your home with interesting, unique items rather than generic (everybody has one) pieces.

Until next time, love your home and those within it.

Carmen x