There is so much that I love about Italy, but today I share a little insight to just why I am so completely drawn to it. On my brief visit to Rome last year, I felt so alive and I guess as a creative person I just fell in love with the creativity and vibrancy of Italy, both past and present.

  1. They are not concerned with perfection.

Torn and worn, crumbling and imperfect. For me ,the imperfection of the buildings is all part of the allure. Since when does everything have to be so neat and perfect in our homes that we want it all so picture perfect that in our quest to renovate, we quite often strip the heart and soul out of the home and garden. Here are some pictures of the things I saw that delighted me. On my next Design and Lifestyle Tour to Italy in May 2016,  I wanted to go deeper and explore the beauty of this imperfect way in more detail.

Rome, Italy carmen darwin italian buildings

I love this wall which was constructed by hand using local materials available. Nature was then allowed to do her thing. Simplicity and beauty. Photo by Carmen Darwin.


Rome 2 italian buildings

Practicality often rules over the need to have homes looking perfect. I love the mismatched tones on the buildings as they have evolved over time.


Rome 1 italian buildings

As the building age over the decades and centuries, they develop a patina which enhances their beauty. Photo by Carmen Darwin

  1. They are not afraid of colour.

I love the colour of the buildings in the Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera and throughout Italy for that matter. It just makes you smile to see all kinds of colours of the buildings. They are not trying to perfectly match anything, but it works. I cannot understand why this is not done more as I feel that colour is good for the soul and for our creative being.  Here is a look at some of the colourful inspirations found in Italy to make you think again about why we need to loosen up a little and become more experimental with our colour choices.

2014-09-10 18.28.53 italian buildings

The combination of the yellow, pink and green is so happy and welcoming. It’s amazing how uplifting the vibrant colours are. Photo by Carmen Darwin

italian buildings

There is a wild mix of colour in the seaside villages of the Cinque Terre. It is perfect against the green of the mountains and azure of the sea.

  1. They value their artistic people the act of creating and producing beautiful things.

I believe Australia really undervalues our artists and there is a common theme amongst artists, musicians, clothing designers, actors, filmmakers that making a living from being creative is almost an impossibility. But we all want what they offer. We want great music, we want our walls adorned with beautiful artworks, we want to go to watch movies and the theatre and we want beautiful clothing.

What I love about Italy is the dedication to keeping the arts alive and the encouragement that allows individuals to create around their passion. These people are striving to keep old traditional methods alive, so that when you buy something for yourself or your home, you are buying something special which is to be treasured. If we were happy to buy less, but buy high-quality items that we hold onto and which have the love of workmanship anchored in item, then we would see a lot less junk and rubbish piled up into landfill. This next trip to Italy we will soak in the atmosphere as we delve into some of the workshops and stores run by the artisans of Florence. Their work excites and fascinates me and I find them inspirational.

Creative people throughout Italy take great pride in producing original works that showcase their passion for what they love to do.

I went in search of more articles about the creative Italians living and working in Florence. Read it below.

I love this article about the artisans of Florence. Take a look at the inspiration that these artists offer.

Until next time, love your home and those within it. More to come on Italy when I return from my Italy Tour in May 2016.

Carmen x