Six Women Tours Florence

The day that we had all been waiting for had arrived. My dream to gather a group of six women and take them to Italy had all become a reality and here they were for inspiration, creativity and design and of course a lifestyle that included a whole heap of laughter and frivolity wrapped up in a nine-day Italy fest. I believe that we need some sisterhood time and I didn’t see many tours out there doing this, so I created this bespoke little tour to fill the gap.

women tours florenceSix Women in Florence

Our Accommodation in Florence

I cannot even tell you how long I searched for the perfect accommodation for this tour. I was opposed to the idea of little, impersonal hotel room’s right from the start. I wanted to find an apartment which felt like a home and I wanted the whole group together so nobody felt isolated. In the growing businesses of our lives we are becoming quite isolated from other women and I feel strongly about the need to connect on a personal level. So here’s our gorgeous place which will be our base for the next four nights. I thought that the décor was really well done and I can be a bit of a hard marker!

6 women 6Bedrooms

6 women 5Beautiful Decor

6 women 10Living Room

Artisan stores of the Oltrano area Florence

Armed with our list of must-see stores in the Oltrano area we set out to visit some of the streets where the local artisans were creating and selling their own handmade goods. We had shoemakers, jewellers, artists, calligraphers, packaging designers, leather workers and a whole lot more on the list. We merely scratched the surface before it was time to have a welcome aperitif in the Santo Spirito area. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right?

6 women 1Ceramics Store

6 women 2Leather Bound Book Store

6 women 3Sculpture Workshop

Aperitifs in Santo Spirito

Nothing much to say here, folks. I think that the pictures tell the story about the food and wine today.

6 women 7Delicious Food & Wine


If travelling with a group of women in Italy is something that you may like to do, then please register your interest to stay updated right here. Have you ever been to Florence? What are your best memories?

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Until next time, love your home and those within it,