Workspace Declutter – How to create office organisation.

Do you find yourself spending hours trying to find paperwork, letters and stationary? Well, you are not alone and you have come to the right place. We all want to make our lives easier, save time and reduce stress, and being organised is one way to do this.




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Do you ever have to sort through piles of papers just to find that one letter or invoice? Well, you are not alone because one of the biggest obstacles that we face when it comes to organisation is paperwork!

The first step in organising all of that paper is to sort it out! Do you really need that paper you scribbled on while waiting on the phone? Create piles like; invoices, letters, to do, resources and bills, to organise your paperwork. Once this is done you’re ready to file and store!

There are limitless options of how we can store our paperwork, anything from folders, to boxes or filing cabinets, are effective. These can all be purchased from stores such as; Officeworks, Kikki K, Typo and Superamart. Don’t have room for a filing cabinet? Why not buy some folders and stack them on a bookshelf? Or even a floating shelf?

Having your papers organised and stored neatly will reduce stress, save time, help you keep up to date and create a tidier office space.

Who doesn’t want a stress-free day at the office?


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Are you tired of having to flick through your diary to find out when your next bill is due or what you had to do today? Then why not create a wallboard or a group of them? Wallboards are entirely up to your imagination, they can hold reminders, calendars, to-do lists, inspirational quotes, photos or just random thoughts. You can make these boards yourself or buy them from shops such as; Officeworks, Kikki K, Ikea, Spencil and Pottery Barn.

Creating wallboards for your home office will save you time and keep you organised. It’s also a chance for you to show off your creativity and style.


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Do you ever feel like when you need a paperclip or scissors you can never find them? Well, a desk organisation set is a perfect option to avoid having to tear not only your office space but also the entire house, apart. These sets can come in various sizes and hold a variety of stationary items.

So where can you buy these handy little sets? Officeworks, Howards Storage World, Note Maker and Ikea have a variety of different sizes, styles and colours.

Keep the top of your desk looking neat and tidy by using these desk organisation sets.



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I think that we have all misplaced a letter that we’ve received or something that we needed to send. Organising these important letters can be as simple as creating an in and out tray, or as detailed as a wall filing system. The types of system that you use really depends on how much and the types of mail that you receive. You could use labels such as bills, send, read, sort and file. You can create your own storage or buy them from places such as Howards Storage, Office Works or Ikea.

Never have to re-write those misplaced letters again with these simple mail organisers.


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No matter how small a drawer is it can always seem never ending when we are looking for something. I know I am guilty of stuffing as much as I can into my desk drawer and then having to sort through it all just to find a post-it note. Drawer inserts can be used to designate a spot for all your stationary, making it easy to find what you need. Drawer inserts can be custom made to suit the size of your drawer, as well as the size of the items you want to store. Alternatively, you can use smaller containers in your drawers to create designated sections for your stationary, this is something that I find really useful.

Never have to worry about misplacing those little paperclips again by using a drawer insert to keep them all together.


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If you have limited floor space then wall shelves are the perfect option for you! Wall shelves can be used to hold anything from folders to awards, notebooks and even décor. Wall shelving comes in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs and style, and they are simple to install. You can purchase wall shelving from a number of retailers such as Ikea, Bunnings, Officeworks or Pottery Barn.

Wall shelves are definitely my pick for small or large storage areas, you can never have enough storage!


Workspace Declutter - www.carmendarwin.com

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Why not try some of these tips to keep you organised and save you time? Still stuck on what to do? Try my free Guide to choosing your perfect workspace style. Access it below.

Until next time love your home and those within it,

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